Trenbolone Mix is an anabolic steroid containing three esters of trenbolone . All ethers have different periods of activity. Best of all, the steroid shows results in rapid muscle growth and improved physical performance. That is why many powerlifters, bodybuilders with experience in the use of sports chemistry want to buy Tritren.

Description of the drug

Tritrene is composed of powerful substances, namely acetate, enanthate and hexahydrobenzyl carbonate . Together, they make the drug the most powerful of all steroids on the market. The esterified derivatives of trenbolone are included in the composition in equal proportions, each of which accounts for 50 mg of active ingredients. Trenbolone Mix is not at all a novelty among steroid drugs. It appeared back in the 1960s, and was used exclusively in veterinary medicine for increased muscle gain in animals. Its effectiveness has been highly praised by bodybuilders and other strength sports. So the drug has become one of the most popular and strongest anabolic steroids and androgens known around the world.

As mentioned earlier, each of the esters has an individual duration of action and effect on the body. For example, the presence of acetate in the product allows trinabol to show its quick effect at the initial stage of administration. The other two esters help prolong the effect of the previous one and maintain it throughout the entire injection course. Trenbolone Mix stimulates protein synthesis and also helps create a positive nitrogen balance. More information on the link:

Effectiveness of application

Trenbolone mix buy rekomndovano experienced athletes, in which the body is prepared in advance to receive the complex preparations. Most often, when used correctly, athletes observe such positive effects from trenbolone as:

  1. Rapid increase in muscle mass;
  2. Improving physical performance;
  3. Appetite stimulation;
  4. Burning fat deposits due to the secretion of somatropin ;
  5. Regeneration of muscle tissue after intense sports;
  6. Providing a positive effect on connective tissue;
  7. The duration of the presence of active components in the body and the prolongation of their action.

The steroid is unique in its kind and until now has no similar counterparts on the pharmaceutical market.

Application and dosage

Tritren can be bought for 6-8 months of use, during which the drug enters the body by injections 2 times a week for half the dosage of 300-400 mg. The initial dosage is determined by the physician or trainer based on the athlete’s health status and early experience with steroid use in sports practice. The fastest of the 3 esters begins to show the effect of acetate, after the first injection and remains in active mode for another 203 days, after which the remaining two components are connected to work.

For those who really want to achieve better results, there are combined courses that can have a detrimental effect on the athlete’s body. Therefore, it is not recommended to make appointments to yourself without consulting. If an athlete decides to take this kind of course, then Testosterone, Stanozolol , Boldenone and other anabolic steroids are best suited for this . It will be the perfect mix of mass and strength preparations.

Adverse reactions and contraindications

Tritren to buy Canada is not recommended for the fairer sex, since the drug has high androgenic activity. This can lead to serious disturbances in the work of the woman’s body. The drug is prohibited for use in adolescents to avoid hormonal imbalances.

The use of Trenbolone Mix can cause the following negative symptoms:

  • Decreased secretion of your own testosterone;
  • Sleep disturbances;
  • Increased aggression and irritability;
  • Hirsutism;
  • Baldness on the head;
  • Hypertension manifestations;
  • The appearance of acne on the body.

Use in parallel with the course of Gonadotropin and Proviron will help reduce the chance of side reactions.

It is also necessary to exit the course correctly in order to prevent the rollback phenomenon as much as possible and keep the results obtained during the course for a longer time. Athletes need compulsory PCT to normalize the production of endogenous testosterone, as well as restore other body functions that have failed due to the intake of anabolic steroids. To maintain therapy, it is important to adhere to the correct daily and nutritional regimen, combined with vigorous exercise and rest.