Anadrol (Anapolon). One of the strongest anabolic

What is Anadrol?

Anadrol 50 is one of the strongest steroid drugs that has strong androgenic effect along with intense anabolic one.  Taking this drug gives a rapid increase in muscle mass and strength in just a matter of days. 

During the use of this drug, fluid retention occurs in the body tissues, which in turn increases the volume of muscles and creates the necessary forms of the athlete’s body.  Water accumulates in the muscle cell and this makes the muscles smooth. 

Anadrol gives only a quantitative but not a qualitative gain in mass.  The accumulation of fluid in the joints increases the necessary strength and intensity and endurance for training.  Water retention can be corrected with a balanced diet and anti-estrogen medications such as Nolvadex.  As a result, solid muscles increase. More details here

Why is Anadrol included in the drugs of choice for athletes?

Anadrol contributes to the endurance and efficiency of the muscles, so even after long exhausting workouts the athlete has an initial energy level.  This occurs due to an increase of blood volume and the number of erythrocytes, which in turn leads to increased blood flow in the muscles and their subsequent oxygenation.  This mechanism is the “pumping effect” of muscles, which causes a feeling of joy and satisfaction in athletes during training. 

Thanks to the androgynous effect of Anapolon occurs a quick recovery, which, even after prolonged sports, does not cause a person to feel tired and this leads to progress.  Although it is not a doping drug for competition preparation, Anadrol is the number one drug of choice for maintaining muscle mass and energy for intense training.  Because of this, athletes do not stop taking it until the last day, and the water balance in the body is regulated by antiestrogens and diuretics, which contributes to a massive and effective look of the athlete.

Anadrol and women

Women are strongly discouraged from taking Anadrol 50, because it is too strong for a woman’s body and causes serious side effects in the form of masculinization: acne, low voice, male-pattern hair, including on the face, increased libido and inappropriate and aggressive behavior. 

But if, nevertheless, a woman decided to take this steroid, but at the same time to avoid side effects, it should be used in small doses (0.5 of tab or 25 mg) for no more than 4 days, after which it is necessary to change this drug to “mild” anabolic steroids in injections.

Anadrol is not just a panacea but also not the safest drug!

Anadrol, despite its amazing effect on muscles, is a serious and harmful steroid drug.  It is very toxic and dangerous for the liver due to 17-alpha alkylation.  The drug has a negative effect on the organ, disrupting its function, which is first manifested by an increase in liver enzymes, and at the end by complete liver damage.

  • One of the first signs of liver damage is usually jaundice.
  • Anadrol is the only steroid drug that can cause liver cancer.
  • Since Anadrol promotes water retention in the body, it can cause high blood pressure.  In rare cases, they resort to taking antihypertensive drugs.
  • Taking of Anadrol causes a feeling of general malaise, which is manifested by the following side effects: headache, drowsiness, dyspepsia, and so on.
  • A paradoxical phenomenonoccurs: the athlete becomes more powerful and more massive but at the same time he does not feel well.
  • An increased aggressiveness is observed, which is also stimulated by a high release of testosterone.
  • Anadrol is not recommended for middle aged athletes as they have a high risk of liver damage and BPH(Benign prostatic hyperplasia).
  • Anadrolin combination with an unbalanced diet with a predominance of fatty foodscan lead to an increase in blood cholesterol levels( low density lipoproteins).
  • Anadrol also affects the hypothalamus by decreasing the release of gonadotropic hormone, which leads to a decrease in endogenous testosterone production.

Therefore, it is always necessary to use medications thatstimulate the production of endogenous testosterone, in order to adjust the level and adequate proportion of sex hormones in the body..