10 sports betting rules

Sports betting is now extremely popular. Let’s try to highlight a few basic rules that will help you to earn.

1. Why make bets?

You can consider betting as a business or entertainment, respectively, the approach is different. In the first case, the main thing to understand is that there is never a 100% guarantee for a victory, there is always an element of the game, excitement. Set the amount of money that you can allocate for the game, preferably without much damage to the core budget. If betting is entertainment for you, a bonus to make it more interesting to follow the game of your favorite team, then there are no special rules. One tip – do not bet much.

2. The choice of a bookmaker

The longer the bookmaker works on the market, the more confidence in it. As a rule, serious offices value their reputation and customers. At the same time, some day-to-day office is elementary hiding with client money at the moment. In fact, everything is like choosing a bank. One of the most reliable bookmakers is https://pin-up.bet/.

3. You can not be absolutely sure

Often, novice players, when choosing a strategy for a game, look only at the numbers in a line, considering that the favorite team always wins. The coefficient reflects only the general balance and the bookmaker’s opinion about the event.

4. Favorites

From the previous paragraph it follows – most of the bets placed in bookmaker offices – on favorites, at a very small ratio (1.1 – 1.4). Favorites often win – you can not argue, but to bet only on them, relying solely on the coefficients, then the first game of a draw, or a completely bad game, with the change of the favorite during the match, you will suffer big losses.

5. Express

Any novice player who came to the office almost always knows the word express – a chain of games, the coefficient of which is multiplied among themselves. At least one event has not played – loses everything. The risk is normal, and the gain is not bad. However, to understand the moment when you need an express, you need to have experience behind them, and the ability to analyze the market. Beginners have neither the first nor the second, so they go to extremes.

6. Financial strategy

Determine the bank (the amount allocated to bets), the size of one (preferably up to 5%), betting directions, the approximate number of bets per day (week), the ratio of ordinary and express bets. The number of bets should allow each to be deliberate and balanced, because we approach betting as a business, right? The moment you step back from the strategy will symbolize the beginning of the end.

7. White and black stripes

All players have periods when each wager brings victory, coincidence, allowing for a short time to feel like the king of the world. The main thing to realize is that if you win a hundred out of a hundred, then someday the strip of luck will come to an end, and continue to bet as before, trying not to miss the moment when the white strip changes to black.

8. Put on what you understand

You can not know everything in the world. Choose 1-2, maximum three maximum clear sports. Do not spray effort! It is even better to confine oneself to certain leagues and follow the events taking place in them (the composition of the teams, etc.). To bet deliberately, you need to know the tournament table, who is on the rise, who has a series of victories and who is an outsider.

9. Emotions, faith, hope

Usually novice players forget: they want to earn money, not to root for their favorite teams. No matter how illogical it may sound, it is better to keep as far away as possible from the matches as a fan, to assess the situation as dry and cold as possible. Try to eliminate the element of excitement and attachment to the teams.

10. Life and betting

You should not build bets in the cult, even deciding to earn on them. Victories are replaced by defeats and vice versa, but life goes on. Even after losing the whole bank, remember, there are relatives, friends, real life. You should not sacrifice, but it is reasonable to combine.